Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Blind Faith

Name of the movie: Blind Faith
Director: Ernest Dickerson
Time, location: Bronx, 1957
Actors in the movie: Charles, Carol, John, Anna, Charly William
Plot : This is a sad story about a society where all men “were” far from equal.
An Africa-American student sacrificed his life to keep his secret .Who did he try to protect? What kind of the secret let the alleged murderer be sentenced the death penalty and not defend himself at all? His uncle who was an attorney and the best at criminal law was trying to save his nephew because he found out the big secret at the end.
The Africa –American student ENDED his life in the prison and left a touching letter to his family. The letter revealed the student’s struggling story in 1957.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pandas are in danger, and turkeys,too in Thanksgiving break.


Pandas are lovely animals. Many kids love them a lot. They look like bear and live and located in China. They are” Mammals” Pandas are solitary animals, they seldom play with each other. However, they spend more time together when they seek to mate. Many kids like to go see Pandas in the Zoo. Unfortunately, we cannot just see pandas anywhere because they are endangered. They are facing many problems, such as people hunting them, logging near their refuges, population growth that causes people to encroach on their habitat, pollution from industry, and lack of bamboo. These problems are causing pandas to be in danger so we must do something for them. There are 3 things that are being done to save Pandas: WWF is raising money, China has established a gene bank, and Chinese government already made law to protect pandas.

There are certain methods that we can use to save pandas. For instance: creating parks, increasing areas of growth for bamboo, and educating the public about pandas. By creating trees, pandas will have safer future and places and it is very important for wild animals because it is their home.” In 1989,the WWF and China’s Ministry of Forestry (MOF) jointly drew up a national panda conservation plan, including a proposal for the establishment of fourteen new nature reserves” (zhi&Schaller,pg93).The two organization made a conservation plan to save pandas in 1989.Secondly, in order to eliminate the problem of lack of bamboo, we must increase more areas to cultivate bamboo otherwise pandas will die of hunger sooner or later. ”Pandas, as has long been known, are wholly dependent on bamboo for survival”(Zhi&Schaller,pg24).Lastly, educating the public about pandas. It’s crucial thing that must be done as soon as possible. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have many ideas about pandas till I started studying articles which related with pandas. I believe that the media must invest more money and time to educate the public, specially chinese public because the majority of pandas are locate in China.” Lu zhi& Schaller tried to educate the Chinese public that killing trees will kill the panda by asking them “to draw a picture of the world they wanted to leave behind for their children; many of them included beautiful forests serving as home to an abundance of wildlife”(pg104).Since we have well informed that pandas are in danger and will become extinction in the future without being well protected, how can we make the situation beteer? In my opinion, there are three solutions that we must done for saving pandas. Rasing money to establish more parks and preservations for pandas so that they will have safer areas to settle down and the preservation can prevent pandas being hurt from people hunting. Using gene bank ,since many people still don’t aware of pandas are in danger and still kill them ,it is very possible that pandas will became extinction .In case of that this kind of tragedy occurs ,gene bank is an efficient way to bring the pandas life back for the future because we human being have limited power to save pandas but the gene back can store pandas DNA for years and years. In addition to raising money, using gene bank, we can also enforce the law to protect pandas. For example, we can set up certain areas that do not allow visitors or tourists to enter so that pandas will have safer refuges because the public still has not well educated about the pandas. For example, people still keep hunting pandas for economic reasons, people are not aware of pandas are endangered so that the law must be enforced in order to make the situation better.

Why pandas are being hunted. Human being kill pandas for economic reason and logger their refuges for human development reason.People are still continue to hunt pandas for economic reasons. They are looking forward to the advantage of money. According to the article” Everything you need to know about the giant pandas” “Giant Pandas have been hunted for their fur, and their skin is highly valued-in Japan it carries a price tag equal to$176,000(U.S) and they are popular zoo exhibits attracting many zoo goers”. Those economical advantages make pandas to be the target for businees man and Chinese goverment Accroding to the article ”Census of China’s Giant Pandas finds over 40%more pandas than previous estimates”. people hunting and taking over the land of pandas already cause big problem to Pandas. “hunting continue to pause major threats to the long-term survival of the endangered giant pandas”. So hunting and land taken caused by human development led to pandas in danger. Accroding to the article” Census of China’s Giant Pandas finds over 40% more Pandas than previous estimate” “Panda habitat continue to be lost to human development”.

Lack of Bamboo. The bamboo is their favorite food but unfortunately, the bamboo is decreasing dramatically and many pandas are dying of their major food. Accroding to the article Pandas in danger “70 to 90 percent of the arrow bamboo is dying ,and the worst part may not yet to come”. ”During the earlier bamboo famine,138 pandas-10 percent of the world pandas population at that time-starved to death”. “Pandas are wholly dependent on bamboo for survival” bamboo are rarely flowers so that the pandas might not have sufficient food ”for ten or more years (Lu&Scheller,pg24).

There are certain reasons, for example: the spread of population into wildlife areas, people don’t realize that pandas are in danger, and economic reasons. Those actions are putting pandas in danger so that we have to do something about it.

There are 3 things must be done. First of all, we can raise money to save pandas. Money can be used for planting more bamboo because the bamboo is decreasing dramatically. According to the article” Pandas in Danger,” “70 to 90 percent of the arrow bamboo is loosing in some areas, and the worst part may be yet to come”. In addition , with extra money ,we can establish more reservation areas so that the pandas will have safer sites to stay and won’t be affected by population base growth, people hunting , and logging trees. For instance: in the article, ”Pandas in danger” the author points out that “Yet1,800 people mostly Tibetans, still live there, logging trucks still rumble down the narrow mountains road, and blasting work still goes on at the site of a new hydroelectric plant just 6 miles away.”

Secondly, we should use gene bank to bring the pandas life back in case of they become extinct in the future. The Arthur in the article” Frozen DNA may help preserve endangered species.” Claims that “DNA, the genetic code for building all living things, theoretically could be used to rebuild a simple animal like a beetle or jellyfish.” So, use gene bank can save more endangered creatures for the future.

Lastly, making laws. We have to enforce the law to protect pandas so that they will be protected well under the law otherwise people hurt pandas without noticing that what they have done to Pandas put them in danger of extinction.


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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Doing summary is not easy to me because I seldom do that when I studied in my country.
The most difficult part for me is I have to learn how to figure out the main idea of articles and
Summarize important idea then do the summary respond and argumentative essay which
Means the way I learn how to write in CESL get me understand that how to learn is very
Important .For studying in college not just memorizing everything but thinking ,thinking ,
And doing research.

For me, writing is very stressful work, but now I got used it .So I can do better job than before.
I did learn how to do summary in college before came to CESL,but it was totally different:
For instance:i seldom used my own words to describe what did i think about the article what
I read ,but just copied some sentences from the article then I just used them to be my summary
Section. This was the way how I did summary before. Now, I do know better about how to do
Summary .

Summary response and argumentative essay are very complicated for me, too. Sometimes I just
Don’t know how to organize all my idea together .It is really hard because this is something new
For me- “The ability of organization.” I had never done this kind of job before. But I think this is
Very good for building my ability of organization .So every time I take writhing class as
“Brain Stone’’ class.

Being a student in CESL, I became a person who is more creative and aggressive. I use my brain
More to think what I learn ,see, and feel.
For example, doing summary for me it’s like having ‘’Watermelon’’ because cutting a
Watermelon, it seems a heavy job, i have to hold it carefully when i cut it, but all I need to
Do is cut off the core part what I need first. Just like doing summary. I just need to write down
The main point of the author first.

Doing summary response for me it’s like having dessert after meal because dessert makes me
Feel more relax. And speaking of argumentative essay, for me it is not like having some
‘’Fruit but figuring out how to kill a ‘’BULL’’ because it is a tough job. Eveytime
when I think about how to deal with ‘’Argumentative Essay.’’ It really drive me crazy. Just
like how to kill a ‘’BULL’’

For doing argumentative essay ,I have to pay more attention because if I make wrong main
Points, all I have done before will be ZERO’’-which means it is a big job for me.
When I kill a bull I need to think about how to make myself to believe that which part of the bull
Is the best part to cut first I think if I can persuade myself first and then it won’t be so difficult
To do that to others.